My Ageless Brain™ — Recent Alzheimer’s Breakthrough!
And Ten Top Tips to Save Your Brain

Dr Nancy

with Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

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Ever forget a name, blank out on a word or walk into a room and forget why you’re there? Sure, we’ve all done it, and most of you under 40 don’t think twice about it.

For the rest of us, such slip-ups can leave us wondering, worrying, rationalizing, and otherwise wasting precious mental energy trying to convince ourselves that we are NOT careening down the slippery slope of no return called “Alzheimer’s disease.”

Game-Changer Ahead

Fortunately, the memory changes of Alzheimer’s vs. “normal aging” are readily distinguished, and most “senior moments” not harbingers of decline to come. For example, if word- or name-finding is your only issue, having the name, word or item pop into your mind later is a good indication you’re exhibiting “normal aging” only.

Now, the amazingly good news is that the heretofore impossible, the cure that no drug has been able to deliver, despite billions, yes billions, spent on research for dozens of years—to slow, stop or reverse memory decline—has just become a reality.

And what works is not the usual high tech medical breakthrough of expensive drugs, immune or gene therapy you might think. Rather, the solution is an amazingly low-tech, multimodality, natural approach that is within the reach of every one of us right now.

My Recent Training with Dr. Bredesen in Reversing Cognitive Decline

When I learned that Dale Bredesen, MD, the pioneering physician-scientist and discoverer of this method was training doctors in his protocol, I jumped at the opportunity and flew to Dallas to attend the Institute of Functional Medicine’s Advanced Clinical Training in the Reversal of Cognitive Decline.

There Dr. Bredesen taught over 350 of us doctors the details of how to assess each individual’s risk and underlying causes and how to correct each in a systematic way, often resulting in improved memory function within 3-6 months. (Improvement occurs most readily in those under 75 years of age and in early stages of the disease.)

I’m already seeing positive results in patients following this program and want to share this revolutionary approach with EVERYONE interested in avoiding Alzheimer’s and improving their mind power and memory.

I went on to interview Dr. Bredesen at the Scripps Natural Supplements Conference in San Diego, CA and that highly informative video is presented in My Ageless Brain.

Is My Ageless BrainStep-By-Step, Research-based Online Course for You?

If you are concerned about your memory, have a family history of Alzheimer’s, or simply want to sharpen your already great memory and keep it that way, this webinar is for you.

I invite you to join the My Ageless Brain™ Step-by-Step, Research-based Online Course, now!

Note: This educational program provides information designed to enhance your own personal wellness. It is not intended to train healthcare professionals to apply the Bredesen Protocol with patients in their practices. For information on training programs for healthcare professionals to be offered in 2018, email or call (877) 540-6222.

My Ageless Brain 2018 is designed to help you improve your mind, memory and brain function, starting now!**

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the 6 major causes of memory and cognitive decline.
  • Assess your memory and brain function
  • My Ageless Brain™ Step-by-Step, Research-based Online Course is designed to help you improve your mind, memory and whole body health in 10 evidence-based ways.

You will also learn, under Dr. Lonsdorf’s mentorship:

  • Enhanced healing approaches from Ayurveda and Functional Medicine – Dr. Bredesen’s Preferred Natural Approaches
  • The latest discoveries from Special Guest Speakers–Including some of the Nation’s Top Physicians

*If you have a medical condition or take prescription medication, please consult your personal physician before making dietary or exercise changes or starting any herbs or supplements recommended in this program

Dr. Bredesen states that it takes “4-6 months of ‘living the protocol’” to see evidence of halting or reversing cognitive decline.

Therefore, this program is designed to give you time over weeks or months to implement the key diet and lifestyle factors you need to optimize your cognition.

The Course includes 30 episodes, including “Town Hall Meetings” where Dr. Nancy answers a wide variety of questions submitted by course participants just like yourself.

NOTE: For One-on-One Physician Support: Depending on your current state of mind-brain health, you may wish to do this webinar series on your own or supplement it by calling on your local physician to order the recommended tests, give you one-on-one feedback on the results, and advise you on optimal treatment. (This may also allow insurance coverage for some of the recommended tests, depending on your specific policy).

Dr. Nancy is also available to provide one-on-one physician support through her “Healthy Brain Recode Success Program”, if you are able to visit her in person in Iowa or California. She has been trained in person by Dr. Dale Bredesen and is an MPI Cognition-Certified, ReCode physician. Please call 641-469-3174 for details.

**Important Note: Results will vary depending on individual differences, including age, current degree of memory loss, and other mental and physical factors affecting the potential reversibility of the underlying causes. No claims or guarantee are made for any particular health outcome. This is an educational program only, and you are cautioned to seek and follow your own physician’s advice based on his or her knowledge of your condition.

“One of the nation’s most prominent Ayurvedic doctors.” —The Chicago Tribune

“Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf’s career is marked by helping break down tired old barriers in medicine that no longer serve our healing system.  As a pioneer in holistic medicine she is helping shape the future of medicine as we embark on a more scientific way of doing healing.” —Bill Dean, MD, National Ayurveda Medical Association

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD is a nationally-recognized integrative medicine physician, author and teacher with special expertise in Ayurveda, women’s health and mind, memory and consciousness.

Named “one of the nation’s most prominent Ayurvedic doctors” by the Chicago Tribune, she is a Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative, Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and the recipient of the Atreya Award for excellence in Ayurvedic practice from the Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners of North America. In 2017, she was honored with the Award of Excellence in Holistic Medicine by the Holistic Doctors Recognition Board.

Dr. Lonsdorf has a solid foundation in traditional Western medicine as well, having received her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and residency training in psychiatry at Stanford University.

Since she started her practice in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine in 1987, she has treated over 25,000 patients in Washington DC, at the award-winning Raj Ayurveda Health Spa In Fairfield, IA and privately in Fairfield, IA and around the world.

She frequently presents at a wide variety of integrative medical conferences and also teaches Ayurveda and integrative medicine to health professionals at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine and others.

She has extensive media exposure, having appeared numerous times on national radio and TV, including the Donahue Show and Geraldo Rivera and is frequently quoted in popular magazines such as First For Women, Natural Solutions, Yoga Journal and Redbook.

Her pioneering books on women’s health and Ayurveda include co-authorship of A Woman’s Best Medicine by Tarcher/Putnam and author of The Ageless Woman, How to Navigate the Transition Naturally for a Long Life of Vibrant Health and Radiant Beauty, MUM Press.

What Event Leaders and Producers Say About Dr. Nancy’s Speaking and Teaching:

Thank you, you were so wonderful! You explained everything so clearly and it came across really well.

Allie, Producer, Veria TV Productions

Just hearing Dr. Nancy speak was a healing experience. Her presence and peacefulness was transformative…. I have read and listened to Ayurvedic doctors before, (but) this time I understood. Dr. Nancy has a way of making it clear, easy and embraceable.

Connie Kemmerer, Executive Director
Teton Wellness Festival,Jackson, WY

You had a serene presence and presented a complex system in a very orderly and digestible manner that gave the audience a good taste of Ayurveda.  I felt your lecture was delivered in a very sensible and thoughtful way that really did justice to the topic.

American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM)
Executive Director
Nan Sudak, MD, ABIHM

What Dr. Nancy’s Webinar Participants say:

I loved the way the webinar was so well-organized. You covered a tremendous amount of material in a short time.

The fact that Dr. Lonsdorf is well educated and knowledgeable in both traditional Western and Vedic medicine gives me confidence in her advice. And her presentation style is very personable and easy to understand. An excellent presentation, Thank you!

I wanted Dr. Lonsdorf’s presentation to go on and on and on!!  It was fascinating, and she was so easy to relate to.  She’s a fantastic speaker, and you can tell by the way she connects with her audience that she genuinely cares about and enjoys people.  I’ve applied some of her tips and feel great benefits already! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar... it was so full of valuable information!

It was so exciting to hear this knowledge…a dream come true for me. I have been seeing doctors for many years at one of the most prestigious medical university centers in the world, and I had the distinct feeling when Dr. Nancy was speaking that what she was saying was the truth. …. she is the best doctor I have ever heard speak…thank you…thank you…thank you!!!

I like the medical explanations she gave--what is actually happening in your body and why Ayurveda works to balance certain conditions. Thanks for a great program!

I like the authenticity of knowledge and Nancy's soft sweet voice in conveying it.

I told my sister about the presentation - she almost never listens to such things — she emailed me that she had listened and really enjoyed it.

Course Outline

My Ageless Brain 2018 – A 6-Part LIVE Webinar Intensive

January 2018 — For a Better Brain, Get a Healthy Gut!

Inflammation is the core imbalance in Alzheimer’s and must be corrected as soon as possible. In these webinars, you will gain an understanding of the causes of inflammation in the brain and how to eliminate them. You will also learn about which genetic type is most prone to inflammation and how this program can turn it around, regardless of your genetics.

Importantly, you’ll learn the Ayurvedic approach to diet and eating habits, following which you will reduce much of your body’s inflammation, which is due simply to what, when and how you are eating. You’ll get supportive educational materials to help you adopt new recipes, cooking and eating habits.

Lastly, on the Bredesen ReCode Protocol side, you’ll get testing information for what Dr Bredesen playfully calls the “cognoscopy,” to take to your local doctor. You’ll also receive suggestions about where to go online to get the tests without a doctor’s order, if you prefer. We’ll discuss the various tests, their purpose and how to get them done.

Webinar A: Getting started: The Healthy Brain Recode Program.

This webinar provides an overview and orientation to Dr. Bredesen’s ReCode Protocol to Reverse Cognitive Decline. In an easy-to-understand way, you’ll learn the science and clinical experience behind it, how it works, what to expect and how to apply it in your daily life to prevent or reverse memory issues and related cognitive decline.

You will learn:

Webinar B: Inflammation: How to Heal Your Gut-Brain Connection and Put out the Fire

It’s January, a New Year! You want to think clearly, recall perfectly, look younger, lose weight and avoid the flu? We all do! The question is, how to? There’s really only one thing we must do…..

Time for a quick gut check. What do all these New Year’s aspirations have in common? You got it! Clear thinking and memory, weight loss, immunity and anti-aging are all connected via gut health. For most of us, the first step in healing the brain lies in healing the gut.

In this first month, we’re going to draw from the latest gut-brain knowledge and take quantum leap further with the highly personalized understanding of gut health and digestive types offered by Ayurveda, the world’s first health science.

Gut Health, Front and Center for 5000 yrs—Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda has preached the centrality of digestion and the gut in whole body and brain health for millennia, and now finally modern research backs it up---our gut health profoundly affects our brain health.

Ayurveda is the original gut health expert, having revealed the wisdom of leaky gut and optimizing acids and enzymes, elimination, detox and a healthy microbiome over 5000 years ago!

Here’s what we’ll be doing in January, to help you achieve your mind, memory, weight and immunity goals by healing your gut, digestion and elimination:

You’ll learn:

February 2018 - Heart Health Month—Inflammation, Blood Vessels and Your Brain

Are you just “too sweet?” By now you may have heard, “sugar is the new cholesterol,” and considered more influential in promoting heart and artery disease than “big, bad” cholesterol itself.

We’ll learn from experts in heart health and get answers to a multitude of your questions about diet, supplements, medications, exercise and other factors important to the health of our arteries, responsible for good blood flow to our brains or, conversely, dementia due to strokes. An exciting “Heart Health” month with top guest cardiologists that will help us understand the important role of metabolism and our arteries for keeping our brain healthy.

Webinar A: The Sweet Truth About Sugar and Your Brain - The ReCode Approach + Ayurveda

Is Alzheimer’s “Diabetes of the Brain?” Learn how to lower risk and reverse the damage caused by sugar.

You’ll learn:

Webinar B: Heart, Brain and Blood Vessel Health – The Role of Sugar, Exercise, Diet and Stress Reduction to Keep Your “Pipes” Clean

Interview with Special Guest-- Nationally-Recognized Cardiologist

You’ll learn:

March 2018 - Nourish and Nurture your Brain for Faster Recovery

Our brains love nutrients and are fed also by trophic, or growth-promoting hormones. On the other hand, take key nutrients and hormones away, and our brain starts to “wilt” like a delicate flower on a hot, desert day.

While I always prefer to restore hormone balance without hormone therapy if possible, if the brain is “wilting,” the risk/benefit ratio can shift pretty dramatically to “save the brain now and prevent potential side-effects later.”

With today’s bio-identical hormones and sophisticated monitoring methods, it should be possible to restore “physiologic” (meaning healthy, normal, and not dangerously excessive) hormone levels with minimal risks and side-effects and help turn around cognitive decline as quickly as possible. We’ll talk about how to do that in this month’s webinars.

Webinar A: How to Optimize Hormone Levels Naturally

You’ll learn:

Webinar B: Is Your Brain Deficient in Hormones and Nutrients? The ReCode Approach + Ayurveda

You’ll learn:

* Ultimately, you will need to discuss this with your personal physician doctor who will advise you and prescribe, or not, based on your entire health situation.

April 2018 - Spring Cleaning Time! How to Clean your Brain for a Clearer Mind

The “toxic” cause of cognitive decline is the most challenging to treat, and complicated to diagnose accurately and thoroughly. However, advances in understanding the influence of a myriad of toxic exposures on the brain and immune system has allowed effective protocols to be developed.

Finding and removing the underlying toxic cause, and fortifying your body’s detox system with nutrients, foods, spices and herbs that help it detox is critical to turning around this type of memory loss and cognitive dysfunction.

You’ll also learn about the highly important Ayurvedic practice of “cleansing” the body at the change of season, taking advantage of the natural purification that happens every spring at the end of March into early April.

Detox done at this time is important for preventing seasonal respiratory infections and flu as well as preparing the body for a healthy summer season. You’ll take a quiz to identify your “detox type,” and receive personalized instructions of how to glide through the season change smoothly, and healthfully, the “Ayurvedic” way.

Webinar A: Is Your Brain Toxic? The ReCode Approach + Ayurveda

You’ll learn how to determine if your brain has toxic stress or decline. You will also learn about the tests utilized to assess toxic load and how much it may be contributing to memory issues or cognitive decline for you, based on the kinds of results you may have gotten already back.

You’ll learn:

Webinar B: Take the Seasonal Spring Cleanse, Brain and Body

No matter what level of toxicity your brain is dealing with, gently detoxing at the change of season, especially in the Spring, promotes whole body health, clearer mind and helps prevent colds, flus and other infections. This webinar will give you a personalized, gentle cleanse program from Ayurveda to help maximize your benefits from the season change, when the body naturally cleanses itself.

You’ll learn:

May 2018 - How to Reduce Stress and More on How to Detox

We start the month with our third and final webinar on “Detox and Your Brain,” helping you heal from Type 3, Toxic.

Webinar A: Detox Part III—Is Chronic, Systemic Inflammation (CIRS) Eating Your Brain? How to Ferret Out the Cause. The ReCode Approach plus Ayurveda

Chronic systemic inflammation can result from a variety of causes, including viral and bacterial infections; parasites or yeast; imbalanced flora in mouth, nose or gut; Lyme disease or mold exposure, to name a few. You’ll learn about this health-damaging condition, how to test for it, how it can harm the brain and what you can do to restore your immune system (and brain) to a normal, non-inflamed state by eliminating the underlying cause(s).

You’ll learn:

Webinar B: Overcoming Stress: #1 Enemy of the Brain, Hippocampus and Memory, and How to Reverse It

We all know stress affects us, and we all need effect ways to reduce the effects of stress on our brain and nervous system. We’ll explore what stress is, how it affects our mind and memory, and powerful, evidence-based approaches to reduce stress and help heal the brain.

You’ll learn:

June 2018 - Overcoming Emotional Stress and Where to Go From Here….

Webinar A: Your Emotions: How to Relieve Chronic Emotional Stress from Unresolved Breakups, Relationships, Job Loss and other Emotional Hurts

You’ll learn:

Webinar B: Pulling It All Together

How are you doing with your Healthy Brain Recode Program? Results so far. Where to go from here.

In this session we review how far we’ve come over the past 6 months, assess our achievements and explore how best to continue to grow in brain health, mind, memory, emotional balance and ultimately “supercognition,” the best our brains can be!


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